Kohvieri Tallinn – a Fairytale Shop Review

Kohvieri Tallinn – sometimes you need to get lost to find something

Old Town in Tallinn is a magical place for many reasons. The layout of streets isn’t one of them. It’s easy to get lost, even with Google Maps. So we did. We tried to find that famous Tallinn restaurant with big pancakes and ended on a small side street. While my lovely wife and I were arguing about whose fault is it, she spotted a small shop with flowers and coffee equipment on the window. The sign said Kohvieri. So, we headed there for a bit of window shopping. It was closed, but one look through the window assured us we have to get there. So, we waited for the weekend, so we could have enough time to see it all. In the meantime, we checked their Facebook, Instagram, and main web page, but we didn’t discover much. Better to see things with our own eyes.

What is Kohvieri?

My Google Translate says Kohvieri means “coffee machine.” Kohvieri OÜ (of course,  everything is an OÜ around here) is a petit coffee and tea shop which will lead you on a journey full of taste and aromas. Especially when a lovely young lady is willing to answer all our questions. We found out that the helpful lady behind the counter is actually the owner’s daughter. She was polite and oh so patient as I was jumping from one shelf to another, asking nonsense and producing weird noises. That’s how I express my happiness. But can you blame me? Look at this.

Kohvieri inside
Kohvieri inside
Look at all those cups
Look at all those cups

What does Kohvieri offer?

Being a coffee & tea shop, Kohvieri keeps things simple. You can visit their webpage to see what they sell. The page is a bit outdated, but so is mine. It happens when you do everything by yourself. Bout the offer is exquisite.


Whole beans, yay. Kohvieri has a small but steady batch of coffee beans. You can pick organic beans, sorted by country of origin, and even pick some fine espresso beans. Not to forget instant coffee, as well as flavoured coffee. Honestly, the choice of flavoured coffee is exquisite.

The most expensive coffee beans are Kenya peaberry. Half a kilo costs €19. Yep, the coffee prices are affordable.

Of course, if you buy your beans there, Kohvieri can grind them and pack, too. You just need to say what grind size you prefer. If you have any additional questions, and I had them a lot, you will get answers.

Kohvieri tea and coffee selection
Kohvieri tea and coffee selection


I am an avid coffee lover, but my wife prefers tea. So, we have to have a tea supply everywhere we go. Kohvieri reminded us of our favourite shop in Sarajevo, Franz & Sophie.

The choice of tea is quite great here. Starting from white, green, and black tea and going to exotic tea mixtures. I am 100% positive even the pickiest reader can find something for your delicate palate. I even found a Hojicha tea, the key ingredient for my favourite Hojicha latte. 

As a demo, we tried these two tea mixtures from the picture below. And made a little degustation the same evening. They are great, perfect for wintertime. They smell like oranges, holidays, and spending cosy evenings wrapped in a blanket.

These two bags of tea cost us around 4 euros. A bargain.

Kohvieri Winter Romance and Choco Orange
Kohvieri Winter Romance and Choco Orange


Of course, the main business of Kohvieri is selling coffee and tea. But I was surprised with a decent choice of coffee & tea accessories here. Coffee makers, teapots, strainers, and all the small accessories whose job is to make drinking coffee and tea more pleasant. The brands available were:

  • Weis
  • Leopold
  • Dunoon
  • Bredemeijer
  • Kinto
Kohvieri equipment for tea and coffee making
Kohvieri equipment for tea and coffee making

The equipment prices were as similar as in any coffee equipment shop or web place, more or less. I fell in love with the Leopold Vienna coffee set Palermo. It costs €44.95. Well, Christmas is near…

Gift shop

Apparently, you can order gift baskets for your colleagues and loved ones. Visit the shop and choose what you want in your basket. Every true coffee aficionado will be delighted if he gets a gift basket filled with different beans. Add a nice Moka pot or teapot, and wrap the perfect gift. For tea lovers, the cast iron teapot is an excellent choice. Especially if you add a bag or two of nice, strong black tea.

Why visit Kohvieri?

If you want a rich choice of beans and the finest tea leaves, you should definitely visit Kohvieri. This small shop preserved the soul of the historical coffee shops. If I had to pick, I would even say the assortment of teas is the main reason I would be going back again. 

If you ever get lost in Tallinn’s Old Town, make sure you visit Kohvieri. Chat a little, buy some beans, and it will guarantee to make your day better!

It made our day better…

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