Write for Estonia Coffee


Estonia Coffee is currently accepting guest posts. But, to maintain a certain level, we won’t be accepting ALL posts.

Guidelines for Estonia Coffee guest posts

  • 100% unique content, that hasn’t been published anywhere else. Will check with Copyscape.
  • Content relevant to the coffee industry, or something close enough. Tea – good. Polar bears – bad.
  • At least 1000 words.
  • Decent Flesch readability score.
  • Heading, subheading, and all the other gizmo that makes the article proper and readable.

Please do not:

  • Don’t copy articles or use article spinners. It is embarrassing.
  • Yes, some people already tried to send plagiarized content. It has already happened. And we kinda check everything people send us. Don’t do that.
  • If you are link building agency, we are not interested.

Please do:

  • Contact us if anything is unclear.
  • Use Google Docs, if possible
  • Send us an example of your article heading, so we can see if it would fit.
  • Proofread your article before sending it.
  • Provide us with credit-free images. If not, we will find the appropriate ones.

Why write for Estonia Coffee?

First of all, we are great. Second, we are trying to promote the coffee culture in Estonia and the rest of the world, and we want you to help us.

If we accept your article, you will get your author box. You will have your picture, name and short bio under your article. Of course, you can include a few links to your social networks or business/brand. We can make an arrangement.

EstoniaCoffee will edit the article, if there is an issue with facts, language, tone or something similar. Swearing and using the words like “poop” is reserved only for us.

Articles submitted to EstoniaCoffee.com become the property of EstoniaCoffee.com and cannot be reused elsewhere. If your article is accepted, we will get to you in a couple of days.

If you are still here, contact us via our Instagram page. We won’t be answering emails for now. Too many spammers, scammers etc. Thank you for your patience, and we will eagerly wait for your submissions.