Rukis Tallinn: EstoniaCoffee Review (2022)

Rukis is one of the most famous cafes/patisseries in Tallinn. It is popular among tourists, as well as the locals. According to TripAdvisor, cafe Rukis is one of the best places to drink coffee in Tallinn. So, let’s see what makes this patisserie so impressive.

How to find Rukis online?

Pretty easy, I might say. These guys took their job seriously. 

  • Their webpage is simple yet well designed. You can order your pies, desserts and bread and pay with your card. The payment system powered by Stripe gives you an additional level of security.
  • On their TripAdvisor profile, Rukis has an average of 4.5 / 5 from 762 reviews. You can also find them on the Visit Estonia page.
  • Rukis Facebook profile is kept up to date, with 4,7 / 5 (256 reviews).   
  • For the best pictures, you will have to visit their Instagram profile.

You can find their digital footprint in many other places, but we gathered the usual ones for your convenience.

Rukis Tallinn: An honest review


Rukis cafe is placed conveniently on one of the entrances to the Old Town. You cannot miss it. But, if you still fail to find the location, here is the exact address: Viru tänav 11

This location is perfect for the start of the day with coffee or a refreshing brunch. Their summer terrace is the place to be, as it gives you a glimpse of the atmosphere of the Old Town. Of course, this location means there is no parking available nearby. However, tram and bus stops are just a few minutes away, so you won’t have any trouble getting to Rukis.

First, the coffee. Too many cafes in Tallinn don’t use the right beans for espresso. Some still believe that some coffee beans/roast levels are good for everything – from espresso to Chemex. Well, not here. Rukis uses Bon Sol beans, dark roasted. They are ideal for espresso. Needless to say, the espresso was perfect every time, as well as the cafe latte. Sometimes, you will even get a small homemade cookie to accompany your coffee, for free.

Our Estonian readers can order Bon Sol coffee on this link.

Rukis uses Bon Sol coffee, dark roast
Rukis uses Bon Sol coffee, dark roast

And now, the cakes. Rukis has one of the best cakes I tried in my life. And I tried every single cake in Rukis. If I’d have to pick my favourite, it would be Pumpkin Cheesecake. 

The cakes are not cheap, to be honest. But I would always rather spend 5-6 euros on a great cake than 3-4 euros on a mediocre one. 

Our order – espresso, cafe latte, brownie, and hazelnut cheesecake

As for the other food (and breakfasts), I still haven’t tried them, so it would be unfair to write anything about them. The menu also offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. 


The harsh truth is that some cafes in Tallinn lack essential interior aesthetics and try to sell that look as rustical or retro. Rukis is not one of them. Whoever designed this space has a true talent. Every part of it is a masterpiece. Starting from the counter and table layout to the unusual yet spacious (and clean) toilet. The whole cafe is an exotic mixture of steampunk, baroque, and an old wooden house. In lack of words, I will help myself with pictures.

Rukis interior - picture from their Facebook
Rukis interior – picture from their Facebook

The toilets are spotless, well equipped and decent sized. That is important, given the fact Rukis is pretty spacious. Inside, there are 70 seats. Not bad. The summer terrace gives additional 40 sitting places. 


One of the things I value in Rukis is table service. Nothing is more annoying than having to carry your food and coffee to the table. So far, all the ladies working there were friendly, professional, and polite. No problem with bringing me a glass of water with my espresso. They are fluent in English, and they are continuously available if you want to order something more or ask any questions.
Some of the rare negative reviews about Rukis were about slow service, but that was during the tourist season, and you can find that kind of comment everywhere.

Rukis Pros and Cons

  • Proper dark roast for espresso
  • Great interior
  • Amazing fresh cakes
  • Friendly and professional staff
  • Proper digital footprint
  • Not the cheapest cafe ever
  • A bit limited coffee menu


Rukis is one of the best places in Tallinn to grab a coffee and cake. Its fantastic location, excellent cakes, interior and staff will make your visit a pleasant one. So far, it is one of my favourite cafes in Tallinn. It is a bit more expensive than your average cafe, we admit. But the interior, service and cakes are worth far more than a couple of extra euros from your pocket.

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