Best Cafes for a Coffee Date in Tallinn

What is the best cafe for a coffee date in Tallinn? That’s not an easy question. People tend to love different things, and nothing worse than choosing the wrong place. 

Of course, you can always go with our list of best places to have a coffee in Tallinn, and you won’t be wrong. If you want something specific, you will have to read our article. But first thing first.

What Is A Coffee Date, And Is Tallinn The Right Choice?

A coffee date is playing safe, especially if it’s your first date. It’s simply two people meeting to drink coffee, make small talk, and see if there is any spark or interest whatsoever. If yes, it’s easy to arrange a dinner date. If not, it was just two people drinking coffee.

Of course, it can be a bubble tea date or a rhubarb lemonade date, but a coffee date is a classical term. A coffee date rarely includes alcohol, as you are getting to know each other, not trying to get wasted.

Given the number of coffee shops that serve great coffee, Tallinn is the perfect city for a coffee date. But how to choose? That’s why we are here.

How To Choose The Perfect Cafe For a Coffee Date in Tallinn?

If there is one thing Tallinn isn’t lacking, that’s cafes. However, not every coffee shop is an excellent choice for a coffee date. Imagine trying to talk in a fast food chain or a karaoke bar on weekends. Nope, it won’t do. 

Six Requirements For A Perfect Coffee Date In Tallinn

The perfect cafe for a coffee date in Tallinn has to have some prerequisites. It has to be:

  • Available – secluded locations are a no-no for the first date and a possible red flag.
  • Have a pleasant atmosphere – you don’t want to be surrounded by drunks or screaming sports fans. Or both.
  • Have a good coffee – terrible coffee will ruin your mood.
  • Well-spaced tables – so you can talk freely and without interruptions.
  • The engaging interior is always a plus. You can always talk about cafe interiors if you run out of topics.
  • It has to be comfortable. That is crucial, as you will want to spend some time talking and getting to know each other.

What Are The Best Cafes For A Coffee Date In Tallinn?

The lovely city of Tallinn has hundreds of cafes, but not all are perfect for a first date. Some are too secluded, while others are too crowded or lack space. And a surprising number of them are not comfortable.

We will show you our choice of the four best cafes for coffee dates in Tallinn. You don’t have to agree with us. It won’t be the first (or the last) time.

Coffee Date in Tallinn For Book Lovers

Any Rahva Ramaat premise is perfect for a coffee date in Tallinn. Our favorite one is Rahva Ramaat in Viru Keskus. And not just ours.

Coffee date in Tallinn - Rahva Ramaat
Rahva Ramaat offers much more than just books and coffee

“In 2022, the LBF International Excellence Awards selected Rahva Raamat in Viru Keskus as the best bookstore in the world, and in 2020, the Rahva Raamat in Old Town/Vanalinn was given the honor of being selected as both one of the three best bookstores in the world and the best bookstore in Europe.”

Rahva Ramaat

Rahva Ramaat in Viru Keskus is one of the favorite coffee places of the EstoniaCoffee team. It’s truly a magical bookshop. You can spend hours there just walking around the books, comics, and records. 

Besides coffee, you can also grab a bagel, cake, or a brunch, to fill you with enough energy to keep talking about the books.

Coffee Date in Tallinn For Cake Lovers

Tallinn doesn’t lack coffee shops where you can order a cake. That’s normal because upselling is one of the basics of the trade. However, not our cakes are created equal. And we have tried them all.

I really need to hit the gym again.

Coffee date in Tallinn - Rukis
Nothing better than a homemade cake

For a coffee date, our team recommends Rukis cafe. You will enjoy a unique interior, Italian-style espresso, and one of the most amazing cakes in Tallinn. The table service is also a great plus.

You can find more about Rukis if you read our review of Rukis cafe.

Coffee Date in Tallinn For Otakus

Anix shop near Kadriorg park is the perfect place for all the people obsessed with manga, comics, K-pop, cosplay, and card games. It is one of the rare places in Tallinn where otakus can feel at home. 

coffee date in Tallinn - Anix

“In the long term, our higher organizational goals and the need to make a profit do not collide with each other.
If you focus on achieving a higher goal, profits will not hesitate to follow.”

part of the Anix codex

Anix shop offers a great variety of bubble tea, Asian drinks, and more importantly – Coffee People coffee. Fun fact – the cafe has low tables and no chairs. You go there, take off your shoes, sit on a pillow and enjoy great coffee while talking about your favorite manga.

Coffee Date in Tallinn For a Quick Snack

Reval cafes are well known for good coffee and a decent selection of snacks and cakes. Although they are a coffee chain, Reval cafes nurture that cozy atmosphere that is so important when it’s your first coffee date. 

coffee date in Tallinn - Reval
Always amazing Reval latte

Also, every Reval has a terrific offer for breakfast, brunch, and dessert. All that makes Reval a popular choice, so you will probably have to fight with a crowd. 

If you want to avoid the crowd, in most cases, this Reval was the most spacious and comfy for the EstoniaCoffee team.

Other Cafes – Honorable Mentions

Here are few other suggestions.

Kofeman – Perfect For an Artsy Date

Kofeman is a small cafe near the Old Town’s main square. The walls are full of paintings, and the cabinets are full of homemade cakes. There is a rich wine section if the date goes well.

NOP – Perfect For Organic Brunch

NOP cafe is perfect for brunch after a romantic walk through Kadriorg. The seasonal menu offer is always top-class. 

NOP gets very crowded on weekends when it’s brunch time. That doesn’t surprise us, as they use only the best organic ingredients to make mouth-watering dishes.

TV Tower Restaurant – If You Enjoy The Heights

TV Tower restaurant is for the brave. The location is secluded, and you have to pay for a ticket to enter, which is not too fit for a first date. However, if you have a good feeling about your first date, your reward will be an areal view of Tallinn. 

To Round It Up

And here you go – our top four places to have a coffee date in Tallinn. All these cafes are warm, serve magnificent coffee, and they will provide you with endless topics for conversation. What more could you ask?

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