Melitta Molino Coffee Grinder Full Review (2022)

I bought Melitta Molino in the fall of 2021. There was a great discount in one of the Tallinn shops specialized for coffee equipment, and I got myself a red model. For some reason, red model was 10€ cheaper than the black one. Whatever. A few months after everyday usage, I finally have enough data to write this review. Shall we start?

Melitta Molino package
Original package

About Melitta Company

Melitta is a family-owned company founded in 1908. in Dresden, Germany. Its founder, Melitta Bentz, invented the world’s first coffee filter in 1908. That’s a good start, but Melitta didn’t stop there. The company also had the following acheivments:

  • Sandwich paper (1937)
  • First vacuum-sealed coffee packaging in Germany (1962)
  • First aluminum foil in Germany (1963)
  • One of the first electric coffee makers in Germany (1965)

Today, Melitta is an international coffee giant. It employs 5849 people on 5 continents and has 1,7 billion sales. Talk about famous German efficiency.

Melitta company takes pride in giving back to the community, supporting cultural and sports events, sports teams and collectives.

The company signed a partnership agreement with football clubs Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund, which gave the company an even more international marketing boost. 

Update: now we have a Melitta Calibra grinder review. Check it out!

Melitta Molino Coffee Grinder Overview

  • Product: Melitta Molino Coffee Grinder
  • Type: Burr grinder
  • Power source: Electricity
  • Price: €44.99 on Entry-level price.
  • Capacity: 200 grams
  • My rating: 8.8/10

Performance – 8/10

After a few months of more than decent usage, I can say I am satisfied. I use Melitta Molino Coffee Grinder daily, usually for my French press coffee. However, I tried every setting available, from fine (for my espresso machine) to chunky (for my French press and cowboy coffee).

I cannot say the grind is perfect every time, but it is more than decent. Here is a result of setting my grinder to the chunkiest setting.

Melitta Molino grinding result
Not perfect, but more than satisfying

Noise – 8/10

My grinder is usually on the edge of my kitchen counter, where it rightfully belongs. Honestly, it’s not loud unless the last few beans are left inside. Then it produces an annoying sound, that luckily, lasts only for a second or two. Level of noise: more than acceptable.

However, not suitable if anyone in the room is sleeping.

Melitta Molino Maintenance – 9/10

You have to admire the German efficiency. No useless part here. You get a small brush with your Melitta Molino grinder, and that is that. You use the brush to clean the burrs from time to time. The plastic grain catcher has an annoying shape, but it is also easy to clean. Don’t use water to clean the grinder.

Ease of Use – 10/10

On the front part of the grinder, you have a large dial. Its purpose is to determine the number of coffee cups you want (2-14). On the left side of the Melitta Molino grinder, you will find a smaller dial for grind levels. It goes from 1 to 17, 1 being the finest grind, while 17 is the chunkiest. You even have that written on the grinder. You have an on/off button and automatic shutdown. It’s hard to misuse this grinder. 

Melitta Molino – Hard to misuse

Sturdiness – 9/10

Melitta Molino is built as sturdy as possible. It would most probably survive the fall from the counter or table if your cat or toddler kicks it. The only part that looks fragile is the lid off the grain catcher. But so far, no issues there.

Melitta Molino PROS and CONS

  • Excellent value for money
  • 17 grind levels
  • Small size
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple controls
  • Grind is not always uniform
  • It can be noisy

How to Use Melitta Molino Grinder (step-by-step)

  1. Set the desired grind level using the dial on the left of the grinder
  2. Set the desired number of coffee cups using the large dial in the front part of the grinder
  3. Take the lid off the top of the Melitta Molino grinder and fill the basket with beans.
  4. Press the ON/OFF button positioned under the large dial in the front part of the grinder.
  5. The grinder will stop automatically after it is done grinding.

Gently pull the grain catcher from the grinder and open it. Voila! Your beans are ground and ready for coffee-making.

Melitta Molino profile
Melitta Molino from the profile

Is Melitta Molino Worth It?

Melitta Molino grinder is one of the most widely sold house grinders globally. It is affordable, easy to use and easy to clean. We will forgive him a few flaws, like an uneven grind here and there, as well as some buzzing noise. It is a fantastic home grinder, after all. 

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